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KIDS R’ GIANTS® offers six unique programs to meet the needs of all youth/families we serve. We believe in community collaboration, so all of our programs are designed to be community friendly, culturally relevant and needs driven.

 Behavior Coaching Services

We offer 90-minute, weekly sessions that are performed by credentialed and trained professionals to promote sustained behavioral improvements. Available for children ages 6 - 12.

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Therapeutic Behavioral Support (SNAP)

"Stop Now And Plan" is an evidence-based behavioral model that provides a framework for teaching children struggling with behavior issues, and their parents, effective emotional regulation, self-control and problem-solving skills. Available for children ages 6 - 11.

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Activities in the Park Events 

Join KRG to help your children develop a holistic approach towards fitness as our certified staff lead participants through a wide variety of sports and activities. All ages are welcome and each participant will received individualized modifications to accommodate special needs in all activities. 

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Therapeutic Behavior Services

We provide in-house and field-based individual and group therapy sessions for children and their families to help stabilize and improve their emotional and psychological functioning.

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Wraparound Approach Services

The Wraparound model is a home-based permanency support that offers a family-centered and strength-based planning approach to help children remain in their homes. Wraparound referrals are generated by the county social worker or probation officer.

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 Residential Therapeutic Services

Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) is an in-home care program that offers 24-hour in-home care to youth/NMD with extreme behavioral issues. This facility can serve up to 6 boys from ages 6-12. 

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Complete Immersion

All Kids R' Giant programs focus on troubled youth in the community and aim to provide them with a greater opportunity for behavioral modification while participating. Many parents have seen that it can be nearly impossible for their struggling youth to incorporate permanent behavior changes

When your child is a part of the KIDS R’ GIANTS program, they can begin to change in a safe place, where their growth will be encouraged and supported by all of our staff.

Get Involved

Sponsors and volunteers are always needed to help our programs continue to run smoothly and make an impact! 

Volunteer duties include filming role-plays, conducting sibling groups, preparing and distributing meals, and assisting with setup/takedown.

Sponsors are needed to help keep the prize box full, provide parent door prizes, and assist with meals. (BSW students, high school students, and local volunteers)

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